John Sullivan

Hello 👋! I'm a grown-up queer kid tryna make snazzy stuff and do some good. They/them please.

Interested in a product I'm building? Then follow me on Twitter or gimme your email below. Feel free also to email me kind words.

I began programming in 2000. I began programming professionally in 2007. I could keep at it, but instead I wanna devote my worktime to social good.

Like I'm giving free engineering consulting to awesome orgs who wouldn't get it otherwise and I intend to help improve the sex education in the US.

I need income though. So first I'm making a product. I've got three ideas but only one will be made:

I can create any of these myself. I've got the business, design, and engineering experience. But I wanna know which you want. So tell me!

Would you support a Kickstarter for one of these products? Would you tell your friends about one?

Lemme know your email and I'll tell you when you can help out.


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